Why my child is suddenly afraid of male individuals? Tips for overcoming this fear


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Let me share you some information about my frightened child.
  • since couple of weeks ago, she's afraid of interacting with Male individuals, which are my cousins or siblings
  • it is not about their appearance or skin color
  • she's was suddenly crying when she saw plumber entering house for maintenance.
My Doubts
  • Because she has been staying home for long time due to covid restrictions
  • less or no frequent interactions with others
  • I gave less quality time to play and learn because of my 9to5 schedule

Pro Tip I have received to overcome this fear.
I was told that when your child is 32months plus, they will try to imitate their mother's activities. So try to organize a space within your workplace at least for 2-hours to spend. So that your child will observe whatever you do, you talk, and you deal with. Your child will see your activities and it provides them a realization that she finds herself secured.

If possible, let your child play outside their territory at least for 2-hours, applicable for toddlers or a grown up kids. This is must for their healthy mindset.

P.S. This tip is given to me by my friend, who works at Teaching Hospital. She is a child psychiatrist.