Tutu’s World at Labim Mall (Review & Photos) - An ideal place for Interactive Learning & Playing.

Tutu’s World at Labim Mall (Review & Photos) - An ideal place for Interactive Learning & Playing.

If you are a young mother who is always wandering hither and tither for the safest playground for Kids in Kathmandu Valley, then consider Tutu’s World at Labim Mall.​

Here is my honest review of Tutu’s World with Photos.
I promise, you will thank me later. Also, I have been there twice.

Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

Established on the Labim Mall’s 4th floor, as soon as you step out from the direct elevator, you will immediately glance at the beautifully painted premises, a pond with blue, white, and yellow softballs all over. Of course, the soft walls will lead you to the entrance of the Tutu’s World - An Interactive Learning Platform.

Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

At first, you need to pay to get the wristband, which also indicates the play-time duration.
The price per hour or two is different for weekdays and weekends (Fri-Sun). The maximum price was Rs. 999 per hour on weekends. Look out for the tariff card below (picture)

Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

Secondly, as a guardian, only one person is allowed inside the playground to attend to your kid.​

And then you need to take off your shoes and place them on a shoe rack, which is easily noticeable, if not, there are lady supervisors to guide you along.

Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

Third, your kid may get nervous approaching (you could too), to begin with. Cause there are multiple arenas to choose from.
  • Slides, then dive into the pool of softballs
    Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

  • Interactive game wall enabled with touch and sound, just throw balls and hit the flying birds, etc.

  • Rapid-Reload Vacuum ball games, fully air-controlled and automated.
    Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

  • Air-powered Canon
    Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

  • Flying Animal Swings


  • Spiral Tube Slides

  • Hanging Ball Swings

  • Spinning Animal Seats
    Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

  • Cubes
    Tutu’s World at Labim Mall -  Photo by Yentra.com

They are all yours for an hour. You can play along with your kid.
There’s a game supervisor always standing by to guide you, to teach your kid how to play. They always assist you with a smile, always.

Do you know something?​

“Tube slides can help children develop their motor skills, balance, and ability to judge distance and speed. They can also be safer than other types of slides because they require children to remain seated while going down”

Tutu’s world maintains this, and kids can take many many benefits.

: You might be surprised to see that there are two layers of game section within a floor.
Well, that can be called functional layout design and well-managed.

As a parent, who’s 5ft tall or 6ft tall, there’s no chance to get your head banged, Tutu’s World has creatively managed the safety regulations from each corner. Both you and the kid are in a safe place. Trust that.


Now, on the same floor, just before the exit there’s a black staircase, which will lead to a fantasy land called TUTU’S TOWN, of course for kids.​


Don’t miss this arena, because the area has a small Supermarket, Kitchen, girly pinky Bedroom, handy shopping carts, and police station (jail included), all on one floor.​



Just like watching the European-style kid's show on YouTube.​

I must say your princess will likely be spending hours here (than your prince). Because Tutu's town has bright colors, they can easily move from one facility to another alone.



For example, get cash from the tiny cashier, get the cart, take it to the grocery, fill it with items then roll it to the kitchen. Enjoyable? Way too much.​

Don’t forget the Wet Area.​

Before exit, there’s another arena, i would say mechanical open water large tank.

Young kids can be confused with the flow of water. They only aim for fishing with plastic rods. But there is a lot of engineering happening inside the tank. You will only notice going there physically. It's like a miniature hydropower station.


Let me know in the comments if you have been there already.​

Remember you must wear sandals, and a waterproof gown provided for safety.
Again, the lady supervisors will be there for any small assistance.

Who is it for?​

Young parents and kids aged 2 y/o - 13 y/o

Recommended Visiting hours​

On weekdays around between 1 PM-4 PM

Recommended Hours.​

Aim for 2 hours, value for money and worth playing.

Parking fees.​

During holidays, Labim Mall parking agents may charge you in full.
But, other times, if you flash the Tutu’s world ticket, parking is free of cost.
We didn’t pay that day for 2hrs car parking.

Overall, my 6 y/o loved the place more and more. She was a busy lady that day - for 2 hrs. Very Busy.

Tutu’s World is really keeping its slogan to the point “An Interactive Learning Platform”​

Good Luck to the Team.

Young Parents, You guys have fun.

~ Sreena
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