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Travel blog on Lakuri Bhanjyang.

Travel Date: 5th September, 2015
Starting point: Tripureshwor.
Duration: 3-4 Hours Drive
Route: Tripureshwor -Thapathali-Patan-Managlbazzar-Gwarko-Lubu-LakuriBhanjyang

This route offers a scenic view of valley. This is also one of the famous picnic spots around the valley. One can enjoy a day break here. During the clear weather, one can see beautiful mountain ranges from the view tower. It is only about 14 km from Kathmandu valley.

How to reach Lakuri Bhanjyang?​

Well, it’s pretty easy to reach Lakuri Bhanjyang. One can take a bike up to the top of Lakuri Bhanjyang. It will take about 45 minutes to reach there. About 75% road is black topped and the remaining is off road.

If you are planning to hike up to the Lakuri Bhanjyang, you can take private vehicle or you can use local transportation.

You can get tempos or bus from Ratnapark- Gwarko - Lubu bus park. And from there, you can hike all the way up to the top. Beautiful green vegetation is always there while you hike. From the top, you can either come back the same way, or you can take other trails which leads to Godavari and Panauti.

Bus park in Lubu.

Another option is cycling. You can cycle all the way to top. Road is zig-zag uphill. It will be quite strenuous to ride your cycle all the way to the top if you are beginner. You can take a rest at the top of the hill and enjoy the fresh air and good view from the top. You can either come back the same route or you can cycle further more by taking other two routes; one route leads to Godavari and another leads to Panauti.

Activities in Lakhuri Bhanjyang:​

- Family Picnic Spot
- Day Hiking
- Motor biking
- Cycling

So it’s up to you, depending on your comfort zone, you can either choose to ride a bike, hike or cycle.

Food & Accommodation:​

There are few local tea shops where you can enjoy your local cuisines. If you want to stay for night there are few Resorts as well as Home stay facilities. There is a small bazaar at the top. There are few teashops there where you can have snacks and order your meal.

Home stay in Lakuri Bhanjyang is also available.

Main Attractions:​

Green vegetation welcomes you from the very beginning up to the top of the hill. There are few typical old houses on the way. On the top, there is a good view point, from where you can get a good view of the cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. To get the good of the surrounding mountain ranges, you can climb up the tower , which is about 15 minutes’ walk from the small bazar. If the weather is good enough, you can get good view of snow capped mountains from the top of the tower.

There is a small cave named 'Shring Rishi Gufa' which is about 35 minutes of walk from the bazaar. Narrow trail will lead you up to the cave. The cave is not so BIG, but one can hike up to the cave.
It's believed that one of rishi came there and meditate in that cave. In the memory of that rishi, the local named the cave after him and build a statue of rishi.

Group photo at the entrance of Cave.​

During the rainy season be prepared to protect yourself from Leeches. We recommend everyone to visit during the spring or winter since you can get view of valley and surrounding mountains but you can visit any time of the year.

We hope this Travel blog will help you to reach Lakuri Bhanjyang easily.

Enjoy your Trip.
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