Janku Celebration in Newar Community of Nepal (With Photos)

Janku Celebration in Newar Community of Nepal (With Photos)


Janku is celebration of life, when a man or women from Newar community in Nepal turns to 77 years old.​

The date for celebrating janku is calculated by the priest on the basic of lunar calendar.
If it’s a couple, the date for Janku is determined by the age of the husband and the couple will celebrate the Janku together irrespective of the wife’s age at the time. If it is a single person, then it is according to their birth date. Janku is celebrated by the family members, dressing the man into his finest and the woman looking like a new bride to be.

There are five Janku performed during the lifetime of the person when they reach the milestone ages between 77 and 106 years old.​

First Janku is performed at the age of 77 years, 7months, 7days, where they worship the sun as a god called BHIMRATHAROHAN. Grandsons carry the person’s chariot into their shoulders or make a round and visit the temples of god and goddess.

The second Janku is at the age of 83 years, 4 months and 4 days where they are worshipped as an aspect of the moon. This is called CHANDRARATHAROHAN as it is believed that a person has seen 1000 full moons in their life and their prayers are directed towards the moon.

The third Janku is performed at the age of 88 years, 8 months and 8 days, which is called DEVRATHAROHAN where they are worshipped as an aspect of god.

The fourth Janku is at the age of 99 years, 9 months and 9 days, which is called DIVYARATHAROHAN.

The fifth one is at the age of 105 years, 8 months and 8 days old, called MAHADIVYARATHAROHAN.

Janku being performed at that particular age is because '' The particular ages for the ceremonies mark inauspicious times in a person’s life, times when even the smallest hurdle might pose a serious threat to one’s life. The various rituals are performed in order to please particular deities to help the person overcome those problems”
So to avoid unpleasant minimize unpleasant happenings in life, jankus are performed to keep the person safe and for their good health and a long life.

After performed all the Janku, The person is regarded as God after these rituals are performed.
and the relatives even distant ones visit them to receive blessings.

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