RSG Traders is working in the ventilator field since 2070 in the Nepal market. We claim that we have supplied Turbo Ventilators to almost every big Factory and Industry today. Our regular customers are some of the Giant business groups such as CG Group, Goenka Group, Shanker Group, and many more.

Keywords:- Factory exhaust fan, Industrial Axial fan, Turbo Vent, Turbo Ventilator, Turbo Roof Fan, Non powered roof fan, Exit fan.

Applications :

  • Roof Turbine Air Ventilators for Industrial Sheds
  • Turbine Air Ventilators for Hotels
  • Rooftop Turbine Ventilators for Factories
  • Turbine Roof Ventilators for Ware Houses
  • Turbo Turbine Air Ventilators for Hospitals
  • Turbine Wind Ventilators for Paint Shops
  • Roof Turbine Wind Ventilators For Restaurants
  • Roof Top Wind Ventilators for Domestic Use
  • Turbo Wind Ventilator

Benefits :

  • Non Conventional energy Product
  • 24 hours assured ventilation
  • No Operating Cost
  • Higher depreciation rate
  • Provide sun light in day time
  • Adaptable to any roofing pattern
  • Weather proof
  • Proven technology
  • Rain water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Birds proof
  • Best after sales services at your door step
  • Provides very attractive aesthetic appearance of building
  • Zero running power cost
  • Available in anodized aluminium
  • Strong and light weight construction
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