Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang

Hi all,
May i know when is the best time to visit Upper Mustang on a motorbike? which date coincides with the Tiji Festival? What's special about the tiji Festival? We hear lots about festivals from my European friends. Which time to experience this?




Tiji Festival is happening now. (May 2024)​

Here Masked dancers representing demons symbolizing the victory of good over evil and the dispersion of negativity and barriers from the local "Lo" community, Lo-Manthang.​

The colorful costumes, live traditional music, and complicated rituals make the Tiji Festival a unique experience.
Tiji festival of Mustang falls in the month of May and occur for 3-days with each day featuring various ceremonies, rituals.

And Yes, a guided motorbike tour can be a great adventure. Make sure you carry video gears, rain and protective gears for safe riding .

I found the fresh video

I just Explored to the holy Cave Chhungsi, the red cliff "Dhakmar" then hiked to a very ancient and holy Ghar Gumba then drived to the ancient walled city "Lomanthang"​

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