Seeking Information on 12-Year Pachali Bhairav Khadga Jatra Event in Kathmandu.


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Hello Community Members,
I have a client who is currently in Nepal and has a keen interest in exploring the cultural aspects of the region, particularly in documenting cultural dances.

Recently, I learned about the 12-year Pachali Bhairav Khadga Jatra event happening in Kathmandu and shared this information with my client. He is very enthusiastic about learning more about the dance and the event.

Unfortunately, I lack detailed knowledge about this specific event. Therefore, I am reaching out to inquire if anyone could kindly provide me with an article in English that offers comprehensive information about the 12-year Pachali Bhairav Khadga Jatra.

Having access to such a resource would greatly assist me in satisfying my client's curiosity and enriching his cultural experience during his time in Nepal.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or guidance you can provide.
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श्री पचली भैरव बाह्र बर्षे खड्ग शिद्धि जात्रा अन्तर्गत यहि फागुन १८ र १९ गते (शुक्रबार र शनिबार) दिन "ह्यूमत" मा जात्रा हुने
March 1 & 2, 2004.