A guide for international travelers: renting a motorcycle to travel to Jomsom or Upper Mustang


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Dear international travelers,
Renting a motorcycle to travel to Jomsom requires careful planning and preparation.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent a motorcycle in Jomsom as there are no motorbike rental/hiring companies located in the area.
Instead, you should plan to rent a motorcycle from either Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Traveling to Pokhara and renting the motorcycle from there is the most cost-effective option.
Consider renting a Sporty motorcycle, as these bikes are better suited for the terrain in the area. You will also need to hire a licensed guide, and at least one other participant to accompany you, to enter the Upper Mustang region.

The permit for this trip costs $500 per person (for 10days) and must be obtained from a local travel agent.
It is important to hire a guide, and additional fees of $30 may also apply.
With careful planning and preparation, you can have an amazing motorcycle adventure around Jomsom, and up to upper mustang.

Have fun