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  1. krmaharjan

    We are planning to trip "Sisneri" next week? Do you have any questions?

    Dear Members and visitors, We are planning a trip to Sisneri "Nature's Owned Swimming Pool" in mid of May 2024. We got over 6000+ SERP requests on GOOGLE. And we shall physically go there and update our forum. One of our previous Sisneri Blogs written by @Sujan is already making a difference...
  2. Sujan

    How to go to Sisneri? (A travel guide to Nepal's popular Natural Swimming Pool)

    Here's my recent blog on traveling to Sisneri. Quick Info Facilities: - Parking Available - Changing room + Shower room available nearby to Pond. Trip Highlights: - Dakshinkali Temple - Pharping HydroPower Dam - Offroad ride - Panoramic views and sisneri Food & Accommodation: There are few...