Recommendations for the best momo shop in kathmandu?

Dear fellow food enthusiasts,
I have a deep love for momos and enjoy exploring the diverse culinary scene in Kathmandu. Today, I'm reaching out to seek your recommendations for the best momo shops in the kathmandu. I kindly request that you share your personal favorites, and if possible, provide an estimate of the average meal cost at these establishments.

If there's a momo spot that holds a special place in your heart, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share more details about it.

On a personal note, one of my cherished momo places is located behind Kasthamandap. I regretfully can't recall its exact name, but it's an intimate spot housed in an old building with a modest entrance. I have pinned the location on Google Maps for your convenience. There are two momo shops there, please visit the old building one and I believe the owner's name is Mr. Ram. From what I've heard from locals, this momo shop has been serving delicious momos for the past 15-20 years.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try, and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing about your favorite momo places in Kathmandu as well.

Thank you for generously sharing your foodie insights. Together, let's embark on a culinary adventure to uncover the delectable momos that Kathmandu has to offer! Cheers.

Location: [Google Maps Pin]


You should obviously try
  • momo at SALS Pizza, lazimpat.
  • Momo MAGIC, Maharajgunj
  • Boso Rahit momo, Kamalachhi


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