Travel Guide on How to reach Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall), Kathmandu. (Including Photos)

Travel Guide on How to reach Tin Dhare Jharana (Waterfall), Kathmandu. (Including Photos)

Some facts about trip :​

Max Km: 60- 65km
Time: 10-12 hours from Kathmandu
Route: Kathmandu- Dhulikhel- Namobudhha- Dapcha – Rosi Gaupalika– Kafal dada
Bike: Off-road and good condition bikes are recommended.


About Tin Dhare Jharana:

Located at Kavre District, the most amazing waterfall that I experienced in my life. We have only seen that huge and amazing waterfalls in movies and photos.

From the last few months, Tin Dhare Jharana is getting more popular, since one of the local posted a video about the waterfall in Tiktok. It is gone viral all over the internet & people are going crazy about the place.

Even we couldn’t believe that in Nepal and near to Kathmandu, we have a beautiful unexplored waterfall which now becoming popular among the people of the valley. We have seen a similar waterfall in a Bollywood movie named 'Bahubali' and I think, bahubali makers just saw this falls before us and create the imaginary falls in the movie. This fall is more amazing than the Bahubali movie falls.

Since Bahubali movie has similar Waterfalls, people were calling Tin Dhare Jharana as a Bahubali Waterfall. But we humbly request everyone to use the Native name of the waterfall and promote it as it lies in Nepal, not in India.

Best time to travel:​

The best time to see this falls is on rainy days (June-July) but the roads are challenging and it's on your own to take the risk to see the beauty of nature.

Distance and location:​

After we saw lots of videos of Tin Dhare Jharana in social media, we can’t stop yourself to visit the place and experience it. So we decided to visit the place with friends. We started our journey at 11 am from Kritipur, Kathmandu, headed towards Dhulikhel, and reached Namobuddha had some break there. From Namobuddha, took left and move towards Dapcha.


Dapcha is a Newari village, architecturally rich in Newari style homes. From Dapcha, take right and then starts the muddy roads for few minutes straight and then comes downhill which will take like and 45 minutes to reach to the Rosi Nagarpalika and the Rosi River with a bridge. Hence Crossing the bridge, a beautiful village starts where you can take a break and have lunch or khaja according to the time you reach that village. We took a break and have some food there and we took right and follow the river road and took uphill to the Kafal dada.

From here, you will only have to ride up and the road condition is very bad, it took us almost 1 hour to reach kafal dada. The road is muddy, slippery, and very sloppy. At Kafaldada, we parked our bike at one shop and then hike for 30-35 minutes to reach the Tin Dhare Jharana.


The hiking part is one of the best parts of this journey because the trails of this hiking are amazingly beautiful and remind me of the Gosaikunda Buddha Mandir trail.​

After hiking for 30 minutes, Finally, you will be able to see the glimpse of the Tin Dhare Jharana from the top but to feel and touch the water of the falls, you have to go down from the narrow trail for 5 minutes downs.


This Teen Dhare Jharana is very far and exhausting at a time but once you see the Jharana, you will forget all the hard times traveling up to there. We stayed there for more than 30 minutes and enjoyed the falls taking bath, photos, climbing up, etc. Actually, you can climb up to a point but that is too risky but still, people climbed and enjoyed the falls. You won’t be able to stop yourself climbing up to one point and enjoy the falls by taking photos or getting wet from the falls. Teen Dhare Jharana just reminds us of the falls that we saw on Bahubali where Prabhas climbs up and when you will reach there, I’m sure; you will also want to climb up and see the hidden paradise at the top.

When we came back from the Tin Dhare Jharana, it was almost dark and, riding back on the sloppy down was more difficult than riding up. Riders will know this pain. We crawled, slipped, fall many times during riding downhill because of the slippery road, but still, we managed to come down safely. We again took a rest at a nearby village and had some food and tea, and headed back to Kathmandu and reached home at 12 midnight.


This trip is not easy, because of the muddy, slippery, and off-roads. It took us almost 13 hours on this trip. There is a good road up to near to the Namobuddha and then off-road starts from there to the Kafal dada.

We rented Two offroad bikes Honda XR 190L and Royal Enfield Himalayan from one of my friend store, ‘City Motorbike Located in Thamel, Kathmandu’. Which is best bike for this adventurous trip and we really enjoyed riding it. You can rent it too from the store, just check their website for details

If you need any information about the place, please write me at I am happy to answer any related quires about the Tin Dhare Jharana.

Video about tin dhare jharana:

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Happy travelling :)
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