Why my 33 m/o baby is having frequent urination?


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from the past week, my 33 m/o baby has the feeling of needing to urinate frequently.
She is potty trained and can say clearly when she needed to poo or urinate.

But, it has been a week she's been experience a need to urinate. And since few days she can't hold up, and she gets wet. She's also embarrassed having such wet trousers.

Yesterday, her diapers go heavy too. This is the record after months that she didn't even urinate in the nights.

Is it normal?


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This is a follow up for my previous curiosity question about 'urinate frequently'.

well, after observing my 33 m/o baby for a week, she is normal now. Her urination schedule is on time. Meaning, my baby has no longer ' that sensation' for frequent urination. She overcame it naturally.

Here are my thoughts.
  • May be she's nervous, as she just got enrolled in a Nursery class, and she was anxious about her regular class.
  • May be its due to other nervousness such as meeting new people, and she feels insecure about interacting with them
  • It was a monsoon and she is feeling cold, and that led to her pee sensation.
well, that's my guess.
may be its because of nervuosness.

Kindly correct me if i am/was wrong