What happens to a mortgage payment to a house swept away by a flood?


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hello everyone.
I have this question hovering since the time I watched a video about losing 10crores of a property to a house swept away by a flood?
This is the context of last week's unexpected floods in melamchi area.

My questions are;
  • What happens if the guy needs to pay EMI every month toward his mortgage?
    How bank will react?
  • How much does the insurance cover?
  • How would the local municipality provide options to support his living and his family?
  • He would need helping minds to cope with the mental pressure, are there any friendly NGO's who can provide such consultations?
Help me to get rid of this personal frustration.
Thanks in advance.



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Those who are suffering from floods and landslides, Tarangini Foundation and WOREC have been actively engaging in providing mental health counseling in coordination with Melamchi Municipality and Helambu Rural Municipality.

HELPLINE for Psychosocial & Mental health support:

Tarangini Foundation: 16600120004

WOREC: 16600178910

Hope this helps.