I recently owned Meteor 350 Supernova. I will be sharing overall riding experience here.


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Hello all.
2 months ago, I owned RE Meteor 350 Supernova. Here in this thread, i will be sharing my personal reviews and overall riding experience.
So far I have hit 2800 kms only. And done with 2-free servicing.

I owned KARIZMA ZMR for almost 12 years. It was very close to my heart. I still miss its riding comfort. I have no complaint about the ZMR. I liked the way it's lengthy body dimension (2100 mm) on which the pillion feels more comfortable than any other Indian bike here. But I had to upgrade anyway.

Meteor 350 Supernova RIDING EXPERIENCE:
RE Meteor 350 Supernova Blue is surely a head-turner. Once i was queuing up at a petrol station. A random guy approached and looked thoroughly and said "कस्तो राम्रो बाईक यार तपाईको, क्या मिठो कलर ". But I didn't react. I came home and re-looked it.


As you ride, the bike is super comfortable in the streets. I haven't tried it off-road yet. The suspension setup is quite good and rarely feels any jolts. I can easily maneuver in busy city traffic. The throttle is super ear-friendly and the handlebar is not shaky even though I have hit 60. Sometimes i feel underpowered, but as soon as it is accelerated, the 0-60km/hr is effortless

It has a built-in android enabled GPS, which I haven't got a chance to use it.

As mentioned above, I surely miss the length. RE Meteor has 1861mm length which is less; if you are carrying luggage with a pillion, or you need to ride together with a small kid, I needed to move slightly pushed forward in order to fit two more pillions.
Even though, the ride and handling is super comfortable.
It is just a small space that could have been equivalent to the 2170 mm RE Bullet dimension.

At one point, while crossing speed breakers, I got my RE Meteor slightly touched, twice (same place), on its exhaust pipe (front, close to the chassis). Since then I have been very careful as soon as I have to pass the bumpers. Specs show RE Meteor has a ground clearance of 170 mm (ZMR has 159 mm), which is more than RE bullet (135 mm) variants.
SMH, I still couldn't figure out how it had touched the ground.

A few months ago, I had been chasing service centers in order to get the 2nd servicing done.
The manual indicates a 5000km limit for 2nd servicing.

Since the news came out about the acquisition of Royal Enfield distributorship, I contacted a few MV DUGAR owned service centers. But they won't entertain bike owners for servicing. At some point, I was informed by the service staff to email Royal Enfield support to get info.

Luckily, one of my brothers from CityMotorBike informed me that the Naxal Enfield Service Center is taking regular servicing jobs. I immediately visited the service station based at Gairidhara (100m ahead from Sunrise Bank to Baluwatar). I got my Meteor 350 serviced, after a month of waiting.


I paid around 3000 Rs. for Mobil-Oil (lubricant) changed and refill, replaced a new mobil-Oil filter.

That's it for now.
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Yesterday, I felt that I had to fill-up my rear hydraulic brake oil. Because it reach the 'min' level. I went to the service center and the guy informed me that its time to change the 'bush', and its storing the oils within there. That caused the oils not reverted to the filler.
I was surprised to hear that, cause the bike is new, and its low run. I mumbled, may be RE bikes are built that way. It needs regular/timely replacements so that the bikes lives longer

The rear brake 'bush' replacement will cost me Rs. 675, after next two month, somewhere in July 2022. ☹


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Welcome back,
Third Servicing done yesterday. (5528 KM run)
Following things replaced:
  1. Engine oil.
    (i was told to replace engine oil between 3000-35000 km run. And also advised to use only RE authorized oils)
  2. Front and Rear Brake Shoes
  3. Mobil Filter
    (needs changing in every servicing time)
  4. Clutch Wire.
    (I was told that its in the company policy to replace clutch wire on second servicing. The mechanic found the 16mm and 14mm imbalance while turning handles. I am not exactly sure of it. But I followed him)
Next, I need to replace air filter. As i was told to replace it in every alternate servicing.

What's your opinion about it?


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Today I sold my Meteor 350 away.
I still can feel the throttle and the swag it gave me.
It was worth to own it for a while.

Bye Bye,