Smart Service Inn: A guide to renew your bill (blue) book from home.


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Do you need someone's help to renew your vehicle bill book?​

Are you curious how the Smart Service Inn works or whether it provides pick and delivery service?

Smart Service Inn: A guide to renew your bill (blue) book from home.

Here, this is a happy customer recommendation post rather than "promotional content."
In this article, you will learn how to renew your vehicle bill (blue) book from home and see how their system works.

Smart Service Inn is a registered company that provides easy Bill Book Renewal and timely vehicle tax payment services. Yes, you can order from your home, and just follow their instructions.

Essentially, you need to log in to, and submit an application form.
Remember to input accurate details.

Get your name registered and you will receive a confirmation email with the subject line "Renewal Order Received."
Note or copy your order number SSIPL-77xx-111xx

You will receive a call from the Smart Service Inn representative within hours and you need to double confirm your order.
Over the phone, you need to provide your convenient time. And once you confirm, they will ensure the day to collect your vehicle documents. Their service representative will come to your home/office doorstep to collect.

They are well-trained and genuinely answer any FAQs. Listen carefully to their precise explanation on bill book dates, vehicle tax amount, and third-party insurance.
Then, they will use their phone app to dispatch them.
They will calculate the amount and you need to make payment accordingly. They will give you payment receipts on the spot.

For me, it took 3 days to complete. No hassles.
Almost zero communications and it was done with the whole renewal process.

Remember that you will also receive OTP CODE via SMS, which you need to exhibit in front of the representative while receiving your documents back.

Smart Service Inn's service is satisfactory, safe, and reliable.

  • Don't ignore calls as it might be from Smart Service Inn representatives.
  • Explain your address clearly, mention near landmarks to meet up.
  • Thank them for their service.
  • If you have used their service prior, you will also receive timely renewal reminders via SMS.
  • There's a "Tracking service" on their website, where you can input your Order Number and track the process.

FYI, Rates of third party insurance; as of 05 July 2021

Two - Wheeler

Four- Wheeler

Engine (CC)Rate (Rs.)Engine (CC)Rate (Rs.)
0 to 150Rs. 1,7100 to 1000Rs. 7,360
151 to 249Rs. 1,9351001 to 1599Rs. 8,490
250 and higherRs. 2,1601600 and higherRs. 10,750


If you are a very busy person, then it is worth trying Smart Service Inn. They also accept bulk renewal services. Even if you haven't registered online, they will help you register on the spot.

Get More Advice​

Call 01-5151781 / 01-5151782

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Now we can also renew bluebook & pay tax of Any vehicle from Nepal government apps 'Nagarik Apps' from Shrawan 1, 2077


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Jan. 19. 2023
Sharing A big Thank You note to Smart Service Inn.

Today, I sold my Beloved Meteor 350 Supernova, and went to Yatayat Office Gurjudhara.
All the taxes, insurance were cleared, and was confident that the bike 'naam saari' wont be an issue.
The insurance company made a small glitch on the date of validity, it was supposed to be mm/dd/2022 to mm/dd/2023, but the endorse document showed 2022 instead.

The naamsaari was on hold.

Then i had to call Smart Service Inn, because the company helped me on renewals.
The lady from the company, immediately called the Insurance company and informed about the date glitch.
She WhatsApped me to wait for 5mins, until the insurance company response.

After 20 mins, i received a notification and with corrected date, signed and stamped. I went to the local print shop nearby, took its printout and submitted to the Yatayaat officer. He approved it.

It was a prompt act and support from Smart Service Inn, and was naamsaari was possible. The communication line of the Insurance company was too busy to connect an explain the situation. And the company's branch was not available near yataayat office.

Thank you once again. Super helpful.