Let's talk about the new "Hero MotoSports Xpulse Rally 200"


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Do you remember the "Splendor" Motorbikes?​

The previous model has become Super Splendor and comes with Air Cooled, 4 – Stroke cylinder OHC.
Yes, its air cooled, considered one of the most reliable and fuel efficient two-wheeler for daily commute.
Well for certain "young age-group" it might not be the same story.

Let's dwell into the "Hero MotoSports Xpulse Rally 200"; a same company who created Splendor motorcycles in 1994.​

The company HEROMOTOSPORTS says its the "Rally Raid" focused.
First, take a look at this updated picture.

Hero MotoSports Xpulse Rally 200
The Rally Weights in to be 20% less heavy in comparison to the upcoming Xpulse 200 4V.

In Nepal, do you think this Rally will change the game of motorcycling?
We think,
  1. There will be new perspectives on how we have been riding motorcycles and how we should ride.
  2. The concept of Rally/Race will rise up, new ride-in events will occur
  3. Motorbike stunts, masters, filming will boost.
  4. New business of riding gears and outfits will go up.
  5. Building Race/Rally tracks will be the "new market"
  6. Local and international brands will make money out of rally contests, and competitions.
  7. Rally champions will appear, and new careers on motorsport will flourish.

Add your thoughts.

Not sure if the bike itself is available here in Nepal.
But we sure will keep an eye on its launch here in Kathmandu.

Keep you posted here. 🤘

Hero MotoSports XPulse Rally 200 in ACTION!​