How to get Dollar Prepaid Card in Nepal?


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Just heard about the dollar card issued by the Bank of Nepal, Can we use the prepaid dollar card in Nepal for shopping from Amazon, etc and social media Ads boosting?
And what is the process to get the dollar cards from the bank?
What are the requirements to get the card?
Which bank provides a dollar card?
What’s are the uses of Cards?

Thank you
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I went to Bank Of Kathmandu, after 3-days of launching a prepaid card.
The process is simple to get it.

With your bank, you must already have $500 equivalent on your bank account.
You will need to fill-up a form.
They will issue a card with few hours.

As of shopping, i was told the card can be used in Alibaba or Amazon.
When asked if the card is valid for digital marketing purpose, like you said, for Facebook, i was told "it might not be a secured transaction". In other words, the teller was unsure about whether Facebook accepts it or not. Same with the PayPal.

There are charges for for card issue and card termination services.

Then i gave up.
Its a new card, so i might wait until someone will have a successful transactions record.